The Japan Tragedy

I wanted to take a moment here to talk about Japan instead of films. Yes, this is a movie/entertainment blog, but the world has ways of reminding us that our hobbies and interests aren’t what matter the most. The disaster that hit Japan yesterday epitomizes the simultaneously heartless and amoral wake-up call to the very real events that take place around us every day. Yesterday (03/11/2011), an 8.9 magnitude earthquake struck Japan (in addition to 6.0 magnitude aftershocks that probably could have made headlines on their own if the first quake wasn’t such a tough act to follow), sending a massive tsunami through Sendai that wound up traveling all the way across the Pacific. In the wake of the catastrophe, Japan’s northeastern coast is devastated and at least 500 people have lost their lives, though officials believe the toll is actually  more than double that figure, with the disaster toll rising by the hour. (Today, an explosion at a nuclear power plant substantiated fears of an imminent meltdown on top of everything else.) In fact, the sheer natural violence of the incident has reportedly increased Earth’s rotation by 1.6 microseconds. (Source.) In short? The scope of the damage done is unfathomable.

We here at Andrew At the Cinema send out our condolences, hopes, and well-wishes to all affected by this tragedy and all of those on the ground and involved with rescue and relief efforts. In Japan’s time of need, we ask that our dear readers do the same and dedicate thoughts and prayers to the country’s recovery and the aiding and protection of its people.

2 thoughts on “The Japan Tragedy

  1. I almost feel bad doing lighthearted things like blogging so this is totally appropriate Andrew. Also, you can text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 to the Red Cross.

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