Blog Event: Wittertainment’s Code of Conduct

(For all the background behind this blog event, check out Cinema Scream’s Wynter Tyson’s post explaining the inspiration behind it. And while you’re at it, hop on over to Mark Kermode’s and Simon Mayo’s website, as well as Kermode’s blog!)

All good rules to live by, but theater conduct shouldn’t simply be defined as how we behave when we’re seated and the movie is playing, which brings me to my own addition to this list of theater etiquette:

11: DON’T hang around outside of a crowded theater that’s just finished its screening while you’re waiting to enter. Leave plenty of space for the exiting audience theater crew, and passing patrons trying to get to other theaters. Remember that there are other people in the theater aside from you who have spent money on their tickets and want to get in and out of their movies without having you, the human obstacle course, clogging up foot traffic. Yes, you’re excited to get in to see Conviction at your local arthouse cinema, but everyone in the theater’s probably excited to get out and that’s not to mention the people trying to get by you so they can see Made in Dagenham in the next theater over.


8 thoughts on “Blog Event: Wittertainment’s Code of Conduct

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    • Castor– couldn’t agree with you more there, bud. Seems like the more sensible the correct action is, the less that people do it.

      Olive– no kidding. Some people just put themselves first, everyone else be damned.

    • @Olive It reminds me of the boarding the tram in the morning time for work – Not only would one be squashed when trying to board the train, but when departing, people seemed to think it was a fantastic idea to stand right in the way of the door :O Orderly line, people, orderly lines!

  2. I would probably even add “don’t do spoilers” outside the cinema!!
    I love Mark Kermode’s shows and reviews, however after hearing how much he loved “made in Dagenham” II was really looking forward to watching the film
    But i was actually quite disappointed in the end, how they managed to make a true story almost feel un-real.
    My review

  3. I agree with the movie geek above. The real threat isn’t the obstacle course, it’s the potential inadvertent spoilers you overhear. I remember that bit from The Simpsons where Homer spoils The Empire Strikes Back on the way out of the cinema.

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