Posted in December 2010

From the Cinema to the Sofa: The Walking Dead, episodes 4-6

In which the show spins its wheels and winds up black flagged at the last lap. The last half of The Walking Dead‘s premiere season isn’t a total dud in the slightest, but it stumbles and falters along the way toward a truly clunky finale that shows just how uneven the show’s writing can be. … Continue reading

Movies That Matter: Introduction

Driving home from work the other day, I plugged my iPod into my tape adapter (you read me right) and slowly cycled through the albums stored on that most ingenious (and simultaneously nefarious) of inventions, painstakingly considering each record in an effort to pick out which album made the most sense as the soundtrack for … Continue reading

Review: Made in Dagenham, 2010, dir. Nigel Cole

Calling a movie like Made in Dagenham predictable makes me sound incompetent. Of course it’s predictable. It’s based on something that actually happened, the outcome of which I’m well aware. (Titanic was predictable, too. The ship sank at the end! How tragic!) Be that as it may, predictable is exactly what Made in Dagenham is– … Continue reading

Blog Event: Wittertainment’s Code of Conduct

(For all the background behind this blog event, check out Cinema Scream’s Wynter Tyson’s post explaining the inspiration behind it. And while you’re at it, hop on over to Mark Kermode’s and Simon Mayo’s website, as well as Kermode’s blog!)