Posted in September 2010

Review: The Town, 2010, dir. Ben Affleck

The Town serves as a direct competition between Ben Affleck, actor, and Ben Affleck, director, in a bid to determine which of the two stands out as the dominant personality. Anyone who saw 2007’s Gone Baby Gone already can guess that the latter incarnation of the Cambridge-born Affleck emerges victorious, and if anything, The Town … Continue reading

Review: Kung Fu Hustle, 2004, dir. Stephen Chow

Vanity, they name is Stephen Chow. Perhaps nothing more true and at the same time more false can be said about the dashing, roguish Chinese director in regards to 2004’s Kung Fu Hustle, a film where Chow both runs the show and stars as the out-of-sight protagonist. The contradiction between placing greater emphasis on the … Continue reading

Review: Get Low, 2010, dir. Aaron Schneider

There’s a moment early on in Aaron Schneider’s Get Low in which our hero, Felix Bush (Robert Duvall), promotes his living funeral through live radio broadcast to local townsfolk and all those residing in the adjoining counties. Asked by the operator how he’s doing, Bush responds in his uniquely short and gruff manner, “I am”; … Continue reading