Posted in June 2010

Review: Toy Story 3, 2010, dir. Lee Unkrich

Now THAT’S how you close out a series. Or not. Animation giant Pixar’s requisite annual release, Toy Story 3, ends with a final sequence that potentially gives the company the option of producing a fourth entry in their flagship franchise– let’s face it, no characters in the Pixar family are more iconic and immediately recognized … Continue reading

Review: Splice, 2010, dir. Vincenzo Natali

Bizarre genius. Those two words may best describe Vincenzo Natali’s decade-in-the-making Frankenstein  update, Splice, an imperfect movie executed with the exact amount of gusto needed to transcend its own inadequacies. Make no mistake, Splice is flawed, but those aspects that underwhelm never impede the film from being thoughtful and satisfying in all of its weird, … Continue reading

Review: An Education, 2009, dir. Lone Scherfig

A critical darling of 2009, Lone Scherfig’s An Education approaches its subject matter– the blossoming relationship shared by Carey Mulligan’s not-yet-of-age schoolgirl and Peter Sarsgaard’s cultured and much older gentleman– with such a deft hand as to negate any potential for casting a lecherous taint upon the story. By any account, this should be treated … Continue reading

Review: MacGruber, 2010, dir. Jorma Taccone

After more than thirty years of making us laugh (admittedly, some years have been better than others), Saturday Night Live can’t just be considered a TV show. For late night comedy– hell, for all comedy– SNL represents the foundation for the careers of innumerable funny men and women from Steve Martin to Tina Fey. It’s … Continue reading

Review: Shrek Forever After, 2010, dir. Mike Mitchell

Are we there yet? 2010’s fourth and hopefully final entry in DreamWorks’ Shrek franchise, ominously titled Forever After, simultaneously feels tired and haphazardly energetic. The story almost doesn’t matter as the film barrels through scene after scene without stopping to breathe, a spastic child on a destructive sugar high. Did I expect more? Not quite, … Continue reading