Posted in April 2010

Review: Junebug, 2005, dir. Phil Morrison

Near the end of Junebug, audience surrogate Madeleine sits with Eugene, her father-in-law, and talks quietly and cautiously. She has only just met her husband’s (Alessandro Nivola) family, based in North Carolina, knowing very little about them and about him. Speaking about her mother-in-law, Peg, she muses, “She’s a very strong personality.” Eugene responds with … Continue reading

On the Horizon

In the wake of the rousing success of Andy at Fandango Groovers Desert Island DVDs group activity, Mike at You Talking to Me? has decided to kick-start a new round of community exercise. And I’m incredibly excited to tell you all what it’s about– except that I can’t! That’s right, we’ve been embargoed this time … Continue reading

Review: The Brothers Bloom, 2009, dir. Rian Johnson

Rian Johnson‘s follow-up to 2005’s paean to noir, Brick, wants you to put your trust in its narrative. And in point of fact, The Brothers Bloom goes to great lengths to ensure it gains your confidence. Maybe in some cases, Johnson’s sophomore film tries too hard but the effort is undeniably genuine and as enthusiastic … Continue reading

Fandango Groovers: Desert Island DVDs

I wake up disoriented and dazed; I open my eyes, and I can hardly see through an aggressive sheen of bright light. As my vision adjusts, I find myself on a white, sandy shore as I stare across water so blue as to be otherworldly. Wind flutters through my hair. The sun beats down on … Continue reading

Review: Antichrist, 2009, dir. Lars von Trier

Antichrist represents the sort of film that can’t simply be written off using monosyllabic soundbites to indicate its quality; “good” and “bad” don’t really come into the discussion. Rather, Antichrist is challenging; controversial director Lars von Trier has made a film that forces us to confront our grieving processes and ask ourselves deeply personal and … Continue reading