Posted in March 2010

Review: Ink, 2009, dir. Jamin Winans

When we fall asleep, we unknowingly receive visits from spirits who control the nature of our dreams. With a single touch, Storytellers provide us with an entire night sleep’s worth of pleasant fantasies where chocolate cake is the ultimate weight loss tool and jamming Hendrix-style in front of a cheering crowd comes naturally. Alternately, falling … Continue reading

Review: The Green Zone, 2010, dir. Paul Greengrass

“Democracy is messy.” After 2009’s critical darling (and one of my top ten of the year) The Hurt Locker made such a splash at the Oscars, Paul Greengrass sends us back to the Middle East with Green Zone, his adaptation of Rajiv Chandrasekaran’s non-fiction novel Imperial Life in the Emerald City. Traveling along with him, … Continue reading

Review: Be Kind, Rewind, 2008, dir. Michel Gondry

There’s no witty way to lead into the crux of this review: mad cinematic scientist Michel Gondry can do better than this. Be Kind, Rewind doesn’t wind up an unwatchable and offensive mess, and in fact there’s a great deal of enjoyable content contained within the film’s hour and forty running time, but maybe more … Continue reading

Review: Alice In Wonderland, 2010, dir. Tim Burton

I’d hoped to put some distance between myself and Sweeney Todd before reviewing Alice In Wonderland, and with a couple other reviews in the pipeline I thought this a genuine possibility. But alas, Alice became the greater writing priority after catching it in 3D this weekend, and even more regrettably, that’s not because I actually … Continue reading

James Cameron On Naturalism

James Cameron appeared on Inside The Actors Studio the other night to talk Avatar with James Lipton. I can’t respond to the episode as a whole, since I didn’t watch the entire thing, but I did catch a particular segment where Cameron made a statement about Avatar‘s performance capturing process that struck me, at first, … Continue reading