Posted in January 2010

Better Late Than Never: My Top 10 of 2009

Good evening, readers! This entry has been a month or so in the making; the holidays were busy and I’ve only recently caught up on all of my movie watching, so the delay is over. As the title suggests, I present my pick for the ten best films of 2009– which was a far better … Continue reading

Review: Avatar, 2009, dir. James Cameron

More than a month after the film’s release, what else is there truly left to say about James Cameron’s game-changing, 3D, high-tech, science fiction extravaganza, Avatar? It is everything that other reviewers say it is, gorgeous, lush, fluid, inventive, vibrant, and yet vacuous, unoriginal, bloated, stilted, and pulseless. It’s the clash between cool technology and … Continue reading

Review: Moon, 2009, dir. Duncan Jones

2009’s Moon is a remarkable achievement in hard, idea-based science fiction, and as an entry in a veteran filmmaker’s body of work, it could easily be a high point. So when we take into account the fact that it is a debut picture, its quality becomes emphasized even further. (If a first-time director can make … Continue reading

Review: Spider-Man 3, 2007, dir. Sam Raimi

Comic book movies– more specifically, super hero movies– generally follow a specific line of progression starting from the very first film and continuing through the subsequent sequels. The opening installment is always an origin story; it is where we learn of and witness the events that lead to our protagonist becoming empowered with the special … Continue reading

Happy New Year!

This message is a little late, but nonetheless I hope that all of you out there on the Interwebs had a wonderful New Year! 2009 was a great year, and 2000-2009 was a great decade– let’s do the best we can to ensure that 2010 and the rest of the decade are just as good! … Continue reading