Posted in October 2009

The Most Spookiest Time of the Year: My Picks for Halloween

Tomorrow is All Hallow’s Eve. All Saints Eve. Samhain. You know–Halloween, the time of year when youngsters take to the streets in costume and seek out to reap a huge candy windfall from neighbors participating in the spooky celebration of ghouls, ghosts, gremlins, and other such unsavory creatures of the night. For some, it’s an … Continue reading

The Absent Mr. Anderson

I’m not a Hollywood insider. I’m not even a film insider. I have no contacts that exist in any realm of the cinematic world. I have never visited a set, or been given the opportunity to interview an actor or a director in regards to their latest anticipated film. So maybe my opinion on Wes … Continue reading

Whip It, 2009, dir. Drew Barrymore

One of my very favorite things is going to a movie expecting to dislike it, only to walk out of the theater having had my expectations turned upside-down. There is little that is more satisfying in a movie-going experience than finding a gem where one anticipated trash (though admittedly, sometimes what you want is something … Continue reading

Gender In Pixar

Pixar’s 2009 3D animated feature, the truly excellent Up, follows an old man’s bid to see out his deceased wife’s wish of living atop a hidden valley located somewhere in South America; accompanying him on his journey is a Wilderness Scout seven decades his junior.  Eventually, they meet a talking dog, a highly intelligent and … Continue reading