Posted on September 28, 2009

Watchmen, 2009, dir. Zack Snyder

(Author’s note: This is actually a much, much older review that I somehow missed in adding reviews from my older blogs to Something Useful. I am not this much of a slacker.) What a mess. What a glorious, flawed, and strangely watchable mess. Snyder’s Watchmen is a tangled and twisted juggernaut of failed storytelling and … Continue reading

Technology: 3D Dreams

3D at first slowly, and now much more rapidly, has become the new “it” gimmick in modern filmmaking. 2009 alone has given us numerous films in 3D presentations (Coraline, Up, My Bloody Valentine, The Final Destination*, among others), with more on the way before the year is out and even more still in the years … Continue reading